Welcome speech from the Olympic Committee of Slovenia Association of Sports Federations (NOC) President, Bogdan Gabrovec

Dear students, dear basketball players, 


I feel extremely honored and was sincerely happy to have gotten an invitation for the membership in the Honorary Committee of the 13. European University Basketball Championship, which will take part in our beautiful Slovenia at the end of june. People of our small, but beautiful country are known as extremely dedicated sportsmen. From recreation enthusiast to top athletes, which are admired throughout the whole Europe and the World. Sports unites us. When striving towards being the best, defeating competition again and again, we do it with fair play, without malicious imputation or other crooked moves. There are nit many areas, where these qualities shine. And that is why sport is healthy. 


Economy problems are still present on the Old continent, Slovenia is also trying to recover. But despite the troubles, we do find the time, the will and the energy for sports. Some in their free time, others professionally. Dear sportsmen, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to organize a european championship. There are million little things required for a smooth process, that will satisfy and keep you happy on your way home. It will take a lot of selfless volunteers; many enthusiasts of all ages, who will be more than happy to help you. And when you will be having the best time, please keep them in mind. 


At the end of this short speech, let me encourage you to also find time for new acquaintances, for a short trip around our country, save a new email address or a new phone number in your phone. Sports is beautiful, the most important roles in it are played by people. I wish you all the best, please feel like home, as I am more than positive, that our local people will welcome you with open arms. And I believe, that this will not be your last visit of our Slovenia. 


Olympic regards!


Bogdan Gabrovec,
predident of NOC Slovenia