Welcome speech from the president of SUSA, ​Prof. Milan Žvan Ph.D.
Dear students! Slovenians are proudly and rightly regarded as a sports nation. In the biggest competitions in the world, such as Olympic Games, World Cups and other major events, we have been and still are ranked in the highest place according to the number of won medals with respect to the number of inhabitants. On the other hand, the number of those individuals, who are either in an organized or unorganized way involved in recreational sport activities, is still growing. We are steadily moving towards the number, when every other Slovenian will be, one way or another, integrated into sport. The student population is largely contributing its share to this relationship.

Basketball is one of the most popular team sports in Slovenia. In recent decades we have always, as a part of the former State, won medals at all major competitions in the world. At the last European Championships, organized in Slovenia (2013), our national team won the fifth place.


Traditionally, students represent a strong support for the state and development of basketball in Slovenia. The latter were also the first to place this sport among Slovenian youth and thereby contributed decisively to the final recognition of basketball in all its forms. In the first place, therefore, it is such form of a sport activity, which on the one hand unites and on the other hand at the same time highly encourages competitiveness. At first just on the sports field, while later in any case both features remain an immanent part of every individual's life.


In the recent period, SUSA (Slovenian University Student Association) is significantly increasing its efforts to connect university sport with competitive basketball at club level in a firmer way. Through the project »Study and basketball« we have already made significant steps and created more favourable conditions especially for those students, who are engaged in basketball at a high competitive level.


For these reasons, the decision to organize European Student Basketball Championships was simple and in fact necessary. We believe and are confident, that your presence at the competition will represent a new and important contribution to the development of student basketball and subsequently also enable the intensification of world-class achievements of Slovenian basketball in the world in general.


Finally, we must not forget the other, mainly social factors, as one of the significant effects of such and similar events. With socializing and connecting, competitions, understanding of victories and defeats, the world is becoming a smaller and friendlier place, while created ties between individuals from many different countries remain permanent.


Dear students, welcome to Koper, welcome to Slovenia. Meet our people, visit our surroundings and bring home the most beautiful impressions of our country.


​Prof. Milan Žvan Ph.D.
President of SUSA