Welcome speech from the Mayor of the Municipality of Koper, Boris Popovič
A seal is given to a city by its people, and athletes in particular spread its voice across the country’s borders. Participants in the European University Basketball Championship, welcome to Koper.


We are proud that among the championships taking place in our municipality, we’ll be hosting also the European University Basketball Championship. In the Municipality of Koper, sport is actually at home. It is the excellent sports results of our athletes together with a great number of sports clubs and associations to prove it. Together they perpetuate the long sports tradition and take credit for the success of numerous sports people who launched their careers in the home city of Koper and have become successful and famous beyond the borders of our country.  

We like to boast that sport is deeply impressed in our consciousness. We have developed with it and become even more aware of our importance and uniqueness. Sport has given us new opportunities and possibilities and the Municipality of Koper is today considered a sports friendly municipality. A lot of effort has been needed along this road, especially in the last eleven years, but the numerous investments into the sports infrastructure and each year’s high inputs into sports clubs and associations definitely pay off, also thanks to events such as the European University Basketball Championship. I believe this championship will be yet another pebble in the mosaic of the success of Koper and the notoriety of Slovenia.

I wish all the very best to the participants, real sports pleasures to all basketball fans and visitors, a steady hand to all basketball players, and a pleasant stay to each and everybody. Whenever you decide to visit Koper, you are always welcome.


Boris Popovič
Mayor of the Municipality of Koper