EUC Ambasador - Nebojša Joksimović
We are proud to represent Nebojša Joksimović, member od slovenian basketball national team and former student of University of Primorska as official EUC Ambasador.


1. When did you start playing basketball?

˝I started playing basketball in the seventh grade of primary school. At the age of thirteen I went to a basketball practice and I am still staying true to this sport.˝


2. Why did you decide for basketball?

˝Before basketball I played soccer and practiced athletics, but I never felt any passion towards these sports. I was impressed by basketball from the beginning, I simply fell in love with the ball. I remember, how I practiced left two step, that just was not my strength at trainings. I soon realized, that basketball could be a part of my life.˝


3. In the year 2002 you participated at the European universities basketball championship, what are your memories of it?

˝I have very beautiful memories of the championship, at every game the hall was filled with audience, I met a lot of new people, there was a lot of socializing. That week was really memorable, that is why it was my pleasure to accept the role of the ambassador of EUBC 2015.˝


4. Three years later was your first  performance with the slovenian national basketball team at the European Championship in Serbia and Montenegro. How do you remember this championship?

˝I got into the time a bit unexpected and that was my first bigger experience and challenge in my career. I was part of a team, standing next to slovenian basketballs tars like Lakovič, Milič, Nestreovič, Maravič, Brezec, Nachbar and others. Being part of this team and playing beside them was my pleasure. As the championship took place in Serbia and Montenegro we had a lot of support from the audience, the hall Pionir in Beograd was fully packed, which motivated us even more.˝


5. After a longer break you put on your national team’s sports uniform again last year. How does it feel to participate at such a big event like the European Championship?

˝Being part of the national team and also hosting such an event at home is really something special and that was most certainly the peak of my career. Despite the silent expectation and the desire after the medal, we still managed to achieve a very good outcome with the fifth place.˝


6. Do competitiveness and the level of difficulty differ at the European universities basketball championship in comparison with the European basketball championship? 

˝There is a huge difference between these competitions, because of the significance of the games, because of the names you play with or against and the names of the national selectors, that participate at the championship, because of fans expectations. At the EUBC you have more free time before and after the games, to relax, for fun, for socialising, we were able to go to the beach and stayed there untill the morning. :) At EBC this is no longer possible, it is all about the basketball and striving for the best result.˝


7. Do you think the EUBC is a springboard for young players? How does it differ from younger european championships?

˝I do not know a lot about other younger championships, as I only participated once at the world champion ship in 2001. But the national team most definitely picks better names, as here a coach deals with these players throughout the whole season and they make a selection, at universities championship the team consists only of players, who are enrolled at a university and the coach can choose only from them to form a team as strong as possible. But of course it is a springboard for young basketball players, which I can confirm with my own experience.˝


8. Will you continue to play for Union Olimpija, where you played this season?

˝Negotiations with Union Olimpija where ongoing, we were close to signing a contract, but things took another turn in the last few days, so I decided to look for another club.˝ 


9. Would you wish to play at the upcoming EUBC next year?

(Laugh) ˝I would love to, but I am a bit to old.˝


10. What is your message to participants of the EBUC in Koper?

˝My message to them is, to come in masses and socialize with each other and have fun, like we had in 2002. I am positive, that they will love Koper, as it became a really pretty tourist town in the last few years and I am certain, that they will come back.˝