Comments and impressions of the EUC Basketball 2015 and it`s hosting city Koper!



Burak Yonder, Fatih University (TUR) 

For the last two years we were in the final but somehow we lost both games. This year we already meet Niš in the group stage and lost by two points, but in the final - we won. This was a tough game, because we were tired, as I’m sure they were tired too. And  it was not a student’s level final but a game on the level of professional players.




Sara Plavljanin, University of Zagreb (CRO) 

Our first goal was to won a medal, but we also came here to have fun and to get some sun too. We were missing some players, because they had obligations with the national teams. We had a good tournament, and it also was a good practice for the next year games that Croatia is hosting.





Magdalena Krudzynska, University of Warsaw (POL) 

We are very happy to be here. The accommodation and the organization of the championship was nice. I think everybody was surprised by our good results, but we were not, because we know that we are good. The most important thing for us was the good defense.





Pierrine Fuchs, University of Strasbourg (FRA) 

Last year we were European champions in Rotterdam and this year we were third, so we are quite satisfied. Until the last day we did not go to the parties because we are a serious team. The hotel was nice, the town too, and it was really a great experience for all of us.





Girzem Birdan, University of Aydin (TUR) 

We won only the first game, but nevertheless we enjoyed our time here. It is my first year with the team, but for some of the other players is the fourth year. Unfortunately we will not be present next year, because we’ve lost the final of Turkish championship.





Cristian Corneanu, University of Craiova (ROM) 

We had a lot of fun, the tournament was excellent and the people were very nice. We had big expectations, but the level of our current preparation was to low, because we finished the competitions in Romania two months ago and the pause between serious games was too long.




University of Bochum, Wiebke Bruns

Organization of the championship is awesome and the food is very good. We have the best room at Adria. Everyone is very friendly. We are the best woman team thanks to our coach. German male team is the best looking team, but after our coach of course. :)





University of Aveiro, Mariana Bonito


I am feeling very well and the accommodation is really nice. It was a goal for us to participate at this European Universities Basketball Championship. My favorite team is Italy because boys from their team are true gentlemen.






University of West Hungary, Péter Kéri


It was a very hard game, but we won. Here in Koper is great. Everything is so professional. The organization is very good.






University of Strasbourg, Vincent Lecluse

I feel very happy here at Koper. My favorite teams are Turkey and Serbia. They have very good players and their technique is amazing.






University of Primorska, Bojan Đorđević

The game against Strasbourg was for the first place in our group A. Throughout the game we were positive and motivated. In the first half we were very good in attack. Our difference was also great. The second half we started little worse, but we gave a chance to other players also. So everyone played their role in the game. I want to congratulate my guys for the great game.


Organization of EUC is very good. Also organizers are helping us a lot. They let us have trainings in these arenas.  And we are well prepared for the competition in general. And I would like to thank all the volunteers, medical team, … for all the great work.



University of Strasbourg, Sabri Nessaibia

The game was very hard, at first half the team of Primorska was very successful behind the 6,75m line. And also our defense wasn’t so good. But in the second half we played much better, but wasn’t enough to win.


We are really impressed with our accommodation, our room is very big and we have a lot of space. We really like food and the pool, actually we love everything. And we like Koper very much; its great and we love the seaside. 




Slavko Tuka, spectator (SLO)

The organization of the championship is great; the timetables are transparent and timely published. The fair play is present at the games, and the referees are objective. And in general the games are beautiful. I saw four games so far and I hope to see much more.






University of Niš, Mladen Vitković

We started the game very well. We already played with Turkey team last year in Rotterdam and we lost. But this year we were better. We played very good, but in third quarter we had little misshape, but with right organization we managed to win the game. I would like to congratulate the Turkish team for great game, and their fair play. And I hope that they come to the finals.


This is my first time in Koper, but not the first time in Slovenia. I really like Koper, its small and beautiful. Whole organization of EUC is probably ten times better than last year. Our accommodation is great, and I think that the best thing was to put every team in same hotel. So we can socialite and exchange new experience. Tomorrow on our free day we probably go to Portorož to see more beautiful cities of Slovenia.


University of Aveiro, Francisco Gonzalez

I will speak on behalf of whole team. We love Koper, because it is similar to our city Aveiro and it’s beautiful. Our accommodation is great. Food is good. But our room has one small disadvantage. We don’t have Wi-Fi in our room, but we will survive. We also had time to see city center, and we loved it. It is small and beautiful. Tomorrow on our free day we are going to Venice, Italy.





University of Ljubljana, Milan Kovačević

I think that the EUC is well organized. We have everything we need. I really like that we are all accommodated in same hotel. And we can connect with others easily and we can gain new friendships.






University of Bologna, Giacomo Della Motta
"I feel very comfortable in Koper. Especially here at the party I saw lots of pretty girls, but I don't know yet if they are better than Italian girls, I'll probably knew this tomorrow."







University of Bologna, Davide Pulvirenti

"Koper is very nice city and Slovenian girls are the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I will definitely come back to Koper, because is not so far from Bologna, it only takes three hours with car."





University of Aveiro, Matthew Oliveria

We managed to stick up all to the end.  But near the end we run out of energy.  Anyway we are proud of our efforts, because we where much shorter than Russian team.  Both teams played great and again, we need to be proud of ourselves.







Lomonosov Moscow State University, Aleksey Dorodnov

The game with University of Aveiro was very hard. We and the other team also played yesterday. We thought that this will be easy game, but we were wrong. They are short but they are very fast. And this was pretty difficult four our big guys.  I am happy that our teams played a good fair play game, no bad blood, fights – just good basketball!






University of Vienna,  Julia Köppl and Agnes Röth


Koper is a beautiful city and everyone is doing their best. The hotel is nice and the atmosphere too. The organizators really did a great job. If I compare Koper to Vienna, Koper is smaller but the sea is a plus. Slovenian guys are very friendly.





University of Aveiro, Antonio Pires

I think that Slovenian girls are much prettier than Portuguese girls.







Marko Markovič, coach of the team of University of Ljubljana
Yesterday we had a game with Bologna from Italy and we spend some good amount of energy. We knew that we will have really hard game today against University of Zagreb. They have really good team who know how to play tactically and are physically good prepared.  We started the game very carefully trying to find out their weaknesses and to be all the time in touch with them. We were playing good defense and we were changing it all the time just to come to extra time. With the good game in extra time we got few points of advantage and we kept it till the end. Now we can go with calm to the next round so I congratulate all the players for sacrifice, courage and will.



CUS Bologna, Italia, Riccardo Iattoni

I have been at such event last year in Rotterdam.  I have to say that I feel really good here in Koper and the championship is organized very well. Also the accommodation at Ankaran is very nice. The people are fantastic.





CUS Bologna, Italia, Giaochhino Chiappelli

How do you feel here in Koper? If I compare with last year, how it was at Rotterdam the organization of this event is completely different. It is much, much better! The accommodation is very good, and we are ˝on fire˝ to play basketball.





University of Zagreb, Croatia, Damir Mijić

The game today was very good and both of the teams from Ljubljana and Zagreb have shown a good game. After all, the game was decided at the and in a few seconds with a few balls and some sport luck.

The match could have been ours, but at the and it was their victory. About Koper I can say, that I saw just a little bit of it. For now I can say that is a small but very nice city. 




University of Bayreuth, Maik Nagel, Germany

Koper is pretty good and it is really, really nice. It’s good to be at the sea side and the weather is fine. Not too hot, not to cold, perfect for us players. The organization is also pretty good and so far we are pretty happy.

We had our first win yesterday but the match today was something else. We just didn’t know how good the opponents are so we just played our game and tried to win but it did go wrong.