First and second day of EUCB matches
Some of the teams in the first and second day of EUC Basketball Koper 2015 have already proven that they are fervently fighting and targeting the highest score possible.

The Slovenian teams are doing their best. In the first day of competition although men team from University of Maribor had to admit defeat to Lomonosov Moscow University the locals form Primorska were more than pleased that they won against Estonian students and both teams of the University of Ljubljana successfully fought against the Italians and Austrians. The photo gallery of the first day is available on website HERE.


In the second day of competition in the morning program, girls from Istanbul and Budapest started their first match with great crowd of schoolchildren. In the end the Turkish women team from Istanbul celebrated with a score of 70:59, the turning point hapened in the last two minutes. This was followed by a duel of Zagreb and the Romanian University from Alba Iulia where the Croatians girls won by 77:56. Women team from Vienna beat the Portuguese Aveiro  62:59, while girls from Trieste were defeated by Strasbourg team 61:36. In the man part of the competition the most interesting game was between Ljubljana and Zagreb University. At the last quarter the Croats lead the game but than there was a comeback of the University of Ljubljana and the tournover was completed by the victory with 88:84 in over time. 


St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design surprisingly experienced a second consecutive defeat, this time were beaten by Bologna 95:78. The photo gallery of the second day is available on website HERE.


Tomorrow the matches in all three halls will begin at 13:15, with Ljubljana against the Russians from St. Petersburg, a clash of Slovenian neighboring states from Zagreb and Italy and female team Surgut from Russia and Istanbul from Turkey. Matches in all three halls will then follow at 15:30, 17:45 and 20:00. Locals and hosts of the championships, University of Primorska will complete the programme in another evening match with the French.