2nd day of competition
In the second day of competition in the morning program, girls from Istanbul and Budapest started their first match with great crowd of schoolchildren.

n the end the Turkish women team from Istanbul celebrated with a score of 70:59, the turning point hapened in the last two minutes.


This was followed by a duel of Zagreb and the Romanian University from Alba Iulia where the Croatians girls won by 77:56.


Women team from Vienna beat the Portuguese Aveiro  62:59, while girls fromTrieste were defeated by Strasbourg team 61:36.


In the man part of the competition the most interesting game was between Ljubljana and Zagreb University. At the last quarter the Croats lead the game but than there was a comeback of the University of Ljubljana and the tournover was completed by the victory with 88:84 in over time.


St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design surprisingly experienced a second consecutive defeat, this time were beaten by Bologna 95:78.