Association of student sports clubs of Primorska was founded in 2003 for the purpose of organization of the European Universities Basketball Championship. The associaton was later renamed to University Sports Association of Primorska (USZP – Univerzitetna športna zveza primorske). In the same time University of Primorska and Student Organization of University of Primorska were founded.


USZP hosted European Universities Basketball Championship in 2002, European Universities Beach volleyball Championship in 2005, European Universities Futsal Championship in 2007, World Universities Futsal Championship in 2008 and will host European Universities Basketball Championship in 2015.


USZP covers the field of student sport with organization of University sport league competitions in Futsal, Basketball and Volleyball. Students can also daily come to recreation which is held in STS Sports hall, where they can play Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Badminton, etc. 

The most popular project of USZP is called the Perfect Ten (Čista Desetka), this a festival of sport and fun for students of the Littoral region. At least two or three Perfect Tens are organized every year. In October the Perfect Ten, in January or February the Snow Perfect Ten and for the end of the student year the Wet Perfect Ten in the end of May.



Association of student sports clubs of Primorska - UŠZP
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