Student Organization of University of Primorska (SOUP) is a society of students studying at University of Primorska. It is the youngest student organization in Slovenia and was founded immediately after the founding of the third Slovene university in March 2003 and was acknowledged by Student Organization of Slovenia (ŠOS) in the beginning of 2004.



Student organization of University of Primorska represents the interests of students and young people and strives to help them achieve those interests by means of:


  • devising, organizing and carrying out student activity programmes in the fields of culture, education, sports and other fields of student interests;
  • devising, organizing and carrying out programmes that affect the social and economical situation of students;
  • ensuring conditions for operation and development of various forms of student activities;
  • ensuring student cooperation in managing of local affairs, which are managed individually on a local level or by the broader local community, in the fields that affect the life and work of students;
  • ensures the influence and cooperation of students regarding the management of public affairs in the work of government bodies;
  • creating conditions for effective operation of students in university management bodies, their working bodies and the bodies of other communities and organizations, where students have their representatives;
  • electing student representatives, who participate in operation of university bodies;
  • informs the public of problems in the fields of education, economic and social security of students and cooperates in solving those problems;
  • acquires benefits and performs services for students and within its abilities creates conditions for student activities in all fields except for activities in political parties and religious organizations;
  • actively participates in integration and international events as well as performs economic and other activities in accordance with the laws for such activities.




Student Organization of University of Primorska (SOUP) 
Gortanov trg 15
SI - 6000 Koper; Slovenia 


Phone: +386 (0) 5 66 26 220 
Fax: +386 (0) 5 66 26 225 
GSM: +386 (0) 31 452 000