Sport Venues
Sports venues for training or competitions: Bonifika sports hall, Koper Elementary School sports hall and Sports hall of Secondary Technical School

All three sports halls, which are located in Koper and are going to be used for training or competitions are not more then 6 years old. Only Bonifika sport hall is older but has been renewed in 2013 for the FIBA Eurobasket 2013. For the location of the individual sports hall you can look on the map.



Arena Bonifika

The Arena Bonifika sports hall has been renovated recently, for the purpses of the FIBA Eurobasket 2013. It has room for more than 5.000 spectators; it is well equipped, located in the centre of Koper, just 500m from the city centre, 500m from the swimming centre and city beaches. Parking area is located near the sports hall. In the Sports hall there is also a bar, rooms for officials, press centre and it is surrounded by a parking area. Arena Bonifika hosted Group D of  FIBA Eurobasket 2013 - Greece, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Russia played here. 

Koper Elementary school sports hall

The Koper Elementary School sports hall is located next to the Bonifika sports hall, and has been built in the last few years. It has room for more than 3.000 spectators; it is well equiped. Both halls are air-conditioned.


Secondary Technical School Sports hall

The STS Sports hall has been build in the last few years. It is located aproximately 1 km from the centre of Koper and the Arena Bonifika and Koper Elementary school hall. The hall is well equiped and air-conditioned. STS Sports hall will be used for team trainings during the EUC 2015.