General technical meeting

Place: Koper (Capodistria), Praetorian Palace (Pretorska palača)

Date: June 20, 2015 (tbc)

Time: 18:00 local time (tbc)


Address: Titov trg 1, 6000 Koper

The Praetor's Palace closes off the south edge of the central Koper Square. A storey palace with an exterior staircase and two elevated tower-like wings on the east and west dominates the side of the square. 

It is the most representational secular building in the city. With its late Gothic Renaissance facade and different inner areas it reaches the top of secular palaces of its time in Slovenia. The building was constructed on the location of two older houses from the middle of the 13th century. In the second half of the 13th century the buildings were connected by a loggia and were later rebuilt several times and finalised as a building with characteristics of Venetian Gothic and all posterior remakings.

Between the tower-like edge areas there is a wide storey facade with a series of windows, a staircase and a `rizalit` balcony on the arch and two supporters, and a balcony by the hall with numerous decorative coats-of-arms, the engraved history of Koper. The cogged Ghibbeline addition was placed above the main facade in 1664. There stands Justice in stone, armed with a sword. In the building structure, the ground floor loggia is recognisable, while on the floor above we can decipher the halls of the large and small councils, several additional halls, rooms and former living quarters. The interior has been arranged for the representational needs of the municipality and fitted with period furniture in the celebration hall, offices and exhibition areas on the ground floor.

At the corner of the side facade of the palace there is a chiselled plaque with an opening, a typical Venetian  "bocca del leone", where anonymous messages for the mayor were left.